Mount the Devices in the Enclosure

To mount or unmount the devices in the enclosure, select one or several devices in the workbench, then drag and drop them into the enclosure or out of the enclosure respectively.

It is possible to mount and unmount all the devices simultaneously in the enclosure using the dedicated buttons.

The mount all principle is the following:

  • The mounting order is similar to the one concerning the configurated devices in the diagram view.

  • A group feeder and its downstream devices must be on the DIN rail row, a row break is automatically achieved if there is no sufficient space to comply with this rule.

  • When Prisma Set G is chosen as enclosure range, the mount all function selects automatically the 600 mm width in this enclosure range.

To fine tune the panel layout, it is possible to move one or several devices inside the enclosure in the construction mode by clicking the arrow button.

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