Complete the PrismaSeT Active Switchboard

In the mechanical elements section close to the workbench, it’s possible to complete the switchboard with :

  • DIN rail and modular front plate for the reserve space

  • Earth bar

  • DIN rail and plains plats for terminal blocks

  • Front plate

A similar choice is proposed via a right-click, once the enclosure has been selected on the front face.

These four mechanical elements can be modified by selection on the front face and then a right click modify the installation system:

For the DIN rail and modular front plate, a modification for the height and the possibility to add blanking plate(s) is proposed.

For the DIN rail and plains plats for terminal blocks, a modification of the rail length and the height of the plate is proposed.

For the front plate, a modification of the height and the plate type (transparent, cut out) is proposed.

The button add front plates add automatically plates on the available space.

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