Build the Electrical Diagram

To build the electrical diagram of the panel, select a role card from the list, then drag and drop it on any + popping up while dragging.

To identify the card in the electrical diagram and in the single line diagram, it is recommended to name the card in the bottom part, using the free text, and having a maximum of 35 characters.

The designation is automatically reported in the single line diagram and in the front face view.

A button at the right of the designation space allows to display or hide the role cards located downstream.

It is possible to change the organization of the electrical diagram by:

  • Dragging a card:

    • To move it in the electrical diagram by dropping it on any + popping up

    • To put it to the workbench and move it back in another place of the electrical diagram. The drop possibilities depend on the chosen card on one hand and on the cards already positioned upstream and downstream on the other hand

  • Clicking on the top-right corner of the card:

    • To cancel it

    • Tto duplicate one copy or more

    • To send it to the workbench

These actions are not applicable to the main incomer card.

All cards located downstream are moved, duplicated, and removed simultaneously with the upstream card.

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