Standard view

Navigation in the standard view is similar to navigation in the electrical diagram.

3 numbering modes are available for the functional marks:

  • Incremental

  • Subtree

  • Personalization

For the incremental and subtree modes, the functional marks are generated automatically as following:

  • Protection (Q mark)

  • Switch (I mark)

  • Other Devices (X mark)

Incremental mode:

A functional mark is identified by a letter indicating the function (see above) and a number indicating the position of the device in the diagram (from left to right and then from the top to the bottom).

Subtree mode:

The functional mark automatically generated is composed of the letter (see above) and a series of numbers corresponding to its downstream position in relation to incomer.

Personalization mode:

The functional marker created automatically for each device regardless of its function is a free space of 10 characters maximum. In this mode a space is available for the legend.

It is not possible to use different modes for the same one-line diagram because when you change the mode, it deletes the functional markers generated by the previous mode and replaces them according to the new mode you choose.

A locking button located at the top right of the screen allows to freeze the numbering. It is then possible to modify the single line diagram without modifying the existing functional marks. The numbers of the new functional marks will be added to the last number created before the locking, whatever the position is in the single line diagram.

After unlocking, all the functional marks are automatically redesigned according to numbering principle mentioned above.

This locking/unlocking function is available only under the incremental mode.

Notes can be added by typing in the corresponding zone top left.

For each branch, a set of characteristics can be added in the title block table below the single line diagram by clicking in a cell and typing the text.

NOTE: No change in the electrical diagram is possible from this page.
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