Electrical Diagram Structure and Principle of Use

The main incomer role card of the electrical diagram is already in place.

The main incomer role card cannot be removed from the electrical diagram.

The electrical diagram is built by adding role cards out of a list. The list of role cards is accessible in the foldable section on the left side of the page:

  • Additional differential protection

  • Surge arrester

  • Additional circuit breaker or switch

  • Group feeder

  • Outgoer

  • Load circuit control

  • Energy metering

  • Measure-signalization

  • Scheduling-Management

  • Low voltage supply

  • Miscellaneous

For each role card in the electrical diagram, the user shall choose a product in the proposed selection of Schneider Electric catalogue before moving to the next steps in the application.

Any change to the electrical diagram and in the products selection in a panel can be done from the Diagram page of this panel.

No change is possible from any other page of the application.

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