Select a Product in a Role Card

To select the adequate product, click configure in the card. A new window opens which proposes three options:

  • Select a product category in the proposed catalogue with steps:

    • Select a product category.

    • Select a range.

    • Select the required set of characteristics in the range; the red figure on the top right of the page turns green when completed.

    • Get the reference or list of references; the product data sheet is accessible for each reference.

    • Validate to have all the selected product references in the role card.

  • Select with a product reference:

    • Type the reference number of the main product, not valid for auxiliaries and accessories.

    • Select the product from the proposed list.

      If the reference number does not match with the concerned role card, eDesign indicates the possible role card(s) matching to this reference number.

  • Select one of the favorite products defined for this role card (Refer Create a Favorite Products or a Group of Favorites).

    • Select the favorite product from the list.

It is possible to modify the concerned product by clicking on the upper right corner of the card:

  • Reconfigure allows to modify the features of the product in the same range.

  • Remove product allows to change the product range.

The products associated with a PowerTag sensor are highlighted with a dedicated radio wireless link pictogram.

Click to undo any operation.

Click to redo any operation.

NOTE: You can undo and redo up to 10 steps.

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