Connect the Signal Cables for GVBBB630EL-2CB and GVBBB630EL-3CB to the Galaxy VL UPS

Recommended signal cable size Maximum distance to the UPS
0.5 mm2 50 meters
0.75 mm2 100 meters
1.0 mm2 200 meters
  1. Lockout/Tagout the battery breaker.
  2. Loosen the screws of the protection covers and lift the protection covers up and out of the battery breaker box.
  3. Route the signal cables through the top or bottom of the battery breaker box.
  4. Connect the signal cables to the control terminal block:
    1. Connect terminals 1-4 for battery breaker 1 (BB1).
    2. Connect terminals 5-8 for battery breaker 2 (BB2).
    3. Connect terminals 9-12 for battery breaker 3 (BB3) when present.
    4. Fasten the signal cables with cable ties (provided) to the cable relief.
  5. Route the signal cables separately from the power cables.
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