Access a Configured Network Management Interface

The network management card web interface is compatible with:
Windows® operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE) 10.x or higher, with compatibility view turned on.

  • The latest release of Microsoft Edge

All operating systems:
  • The latest releases of Mozilla® Firefox® or Google® Chrome®

The below procedure describes how to access the network management interface from a web interface. If enabled, it is also possible to use the following interfaces:

  • SSH

  • SNMP

  • FTP

  • SFTP

NOTE: Please visit www.schneider-electric.com to view the Security Deployment Guidelines and Security Handbook for the product.

The network management card supports NTP connection for synchronization of time. Ensure that only one network management interface in the entire UPS system (single or parallel) is set to synchronize time.

You can use either of the following protocols when you use the web interface:

  • The HTTP protocol (disabled by default), which provides authentication by user name and Pin but no encryption.

  • The HTTPS protocol (enabled by default), which provides extra security through Secure Socket Layer (SSL); encrypts user names, Pin, and data being transmitted; and authenticates network management cards by means of digital certificates.

See Enable HTTP/HTTPS Protocols.

By default, SNMP protocols are disabled on the network management card to avoid cybersecurity risks. SNMP protocols must be enabled to use the monitoring functions of the network management card, or to connect to EcoStruxure IT Gateway or StruxureWare Data Center Expert. You can enable and use either of these SNMP protocols:

  • SNMPv1, which provides minimal security. If using this protocol, Schneider Electric recommends customizing the access control parameters to enhance security.

  • SNMPv3, which provides extra security through both encryption and authentication. Schneider Electric recommends using this protocol for better security and customizing the access control parameters.

See Enable SNMP Protocols.

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