Configure the Modbus

The Modbus can be configured for the integrated and the optional network management card (NMC).

  1. Tap Configuration > Modbus and select Integrated NMC to configure the integrated network management card or Optional NMC to configure the optional network management card.
    1. Enable or disable Serial Modbus.
    2. Set the Parity to None, Even, or Odd.
    3. Set the Baud rate to 9600 or 19200.
    4. Set the Target unique ID to a number between 1 and 247.
      NOTE: Every device on the bus must have exactly the same settings except the device address Target unique ID, which must be unique for every device. No two devices on the bus can have the same address.
    5. Tap OK to save your settings and tap the arrow symbol to go to the next page.
    6. Enable or disable TCP Modbus.
    7. Select Port 502 or Port [5000 to 32768].
    8. Tap OK to save your settings.
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