Bill of Material

This section displays the list of products in the project.

The list of products includes the public price list value and net price value – for logged in users only, calculated with discount ratios by product family.

When a project can be updated (project designed before a new price list or a new discount rate), an information is displayed on the electrical diagram and on the bill of material view. a new column appears in the bill of material to visualize the new price list or the new discount rate or both. Once the user has validated the updating, all the net prices are updated with the new price list and new discount rated displayed.

The discount ratio values can be uploaded in an excel file by clicking the top left of the screen, then in the My Profile section.

It is possible to access the documentation of a product in the list of material by clicking on the reference number.

This list can display the references:

  • For one panel

  • For all the panels of the project

The list can be displayed in two ways:

  • By panel, grouped by product category in each panel

  • All the references of one panel or the entire project

It is possible to add products to the panels of the project in the miscellaneous section of the list of material at the bottom of the page.

For Schneider Electric products, a quick search by reference allows to automatically display the product description and its price and to add the desired quantity in the bill of materials.

The products can either be:

  • Selected from Schneider Electric connected products

  • Selected from Schneider Electric other products

  • Created by the user (for example, products from other suppliers by typing text in the list)

The list of material is included in the project report document.

The PowerTag Energy sensor products are highlighted with a radio wireless pictogram.

Click on Buy from Distributorand select the distributor from the list shown to buy the products listed on the bill of materials.

  • This feature is available in France region only.

  • This will redirect the user to the external website of the distributor.

  • Any changes made in the quantities and products included in the bill of material in the distributor website will not effect the bill of material generated in the edesign website.

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