Connect the Power Cables

Risk of equipment damage
To ensure correct load sharing in bypass operation in a parallel system:
  • All bypass cables must be the same length for all UPSs.
  • All output cables must be the same length for all UPSs.
  • All input cables must be the same length for all UPSs (only required in single mains system).
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.
NOTE: The UPS is preconfigured for TNS earthing system. 3-wire installation using a bonding busbar will result in a higher leakage current.
  1. Remove the indicated plates.
  2. Only for TN-C/3-wire earthing system: Move the bonding busbar from position (A) to position (B) to connect the N busbar to the G/PE busbar.
  3. Only for NEMA 2 hole plates: Install the optional kit GVSOPT020 for NEMA 2 hole plates:
    1. Install the nine NEMA 2 hole plates for input/bypass/output (part number 880-5803) as indicated.
    2. Install the three NEMA 2 hole plates for DC and N (part number 880-5802) as indicated.
    3. Install the NEMA 2 hole plate for equipment grounding conductor/PE (part number 880-5801) as indicated.
  4. Route the power cables in through the conduit box and to the front of the UPS.
  5. Connect the equipment grounding conductor/PE cables.
  6. Connect the input cables.
  7. For dual mains system: Connect the bypass cables.
  8. Connect the output cables.
  9. For installation with a remote modular battery cabinet: Connect the DC cables to the DC busbars.
  10. For installation with an adjacent modular battery cabinet: See Connect the Power Cables from an Adjacent Modular Battery Cabinet.
  11. Reinstall the three plates removed in step 1.
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