Configuration Options

  • eConversion mode

  • Compact design, high density technology, and modular architecture

  • Internal battery modules

  • Single or dual mains

  • Up to 4+0 UPSs in parallel for capacity

  • Up to 3+1 UPSs in parallel for redundancy

  • Rear cable entry

  • EcoStruxure IT compatible

  • Generator compatible

  • Touchscreen LCD

  • Replacement of power module in any operation mode (Live Swap)*

  • ECO mode

Hardware Options

See Weights and Dimensions for Options.

NOTE: All hardware options listed here may not be available in all regions.

Power Module

  • Power module 20 kW 400 V (GVPM20KD)

Maintenance Bypass Panel

Maintenance bypass panel for complete isolation of the UPS during service operations. Only for single UPS or 1+1 parallel system for redundancy.

  • 10-20 kW maintenance bypass panel (GVSBPSU10K20H)

  • 20-60 kW maintenance bypass panel (GVSBPSU20K60H)

Parallel Maintenance Bypass Panel for Two UPSs

Maintenance bypass panel for complete isolation of two UPSs in a parallel system. 10-30 kW in 1+1 parallel system for redundancy, 20-60 kW in 2+0 parallel system for capacity.

  • 10-30 kW maintenance bypass panel (GVSBPAR10K30H)

Auxiliary Cabinets

  • Empty auxiliary cabinet (GVEAC7)

Optional Installation Kits

  • Seismic kit for UPS (GVSOPT017)

  • Parallel kit for UPS (GVSOPT006)

  • Live Swap kit for the UPS (GVSOPT039)

Optional Network Management Card

  • Network Management Card LCES2 with Modbus, Ethernet and AUX sensors (AP9644)

Air Filter

  • Air filter kit (GVSOPT015)

Battery Modules

7 Ah smart battery modules.

  • Galaxy VS 7 Ah Smart Battery Module (GVSBTU)

  • Galaxy VS 7 Ah Smart Modular Battery String (GVSBT4)

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