Configure the Output

NOTE: This configuration is mandatory for correct UPS operation.
  1. Tap Configuration > Output .
    1. Set the AC voltage ph-ph to 200VAC, 208VAC, 220VAC, 380VAC, 400VAC, 415VAC, or 480VAC depending on your configuration. (Not all voltages are available in all regions.)
    2. Set the Frequency to 50Hz ±1.0, 50Hz ±3.0, 50Hz ±10.0, 60Hz ±1.0, 60Hz ±3.0, or 60Hz ±10.0 depending on your configuration.
    3. Tap OK to save your settings and tap the arrow symbol to go to the next page.
    4. Set the Bypass and output tolerance (%). The bypass and output tolerance range is +3% to +10%, default is +10%.
    5. Set the Voltage compensation (%). The output voltage of the UPS can be adjusted up to ±3% to compensate for different cable lengths.
    6. Set the Overload threshold (%). The overload range is 0% to 100%, default is 75%.
    7. Set the Transformer voltage compensation (%). The transformer voltage compensation range is 0% to 3%, default is 0%. See Output Transformer Voltage Compensation for more details and Configure the UPS Input for configuring that an output transformer is present.
    8. Tap OK to save your settings.
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