Product installation and wiring


The device provides a configuration option to comply with safety and application standards. The insulation alarm relay used as a actuator provide a global safety function.

You can activate this function through a relay setting: Menu > Settings > I/O Config > Ins. Al. Relay

The insulation alarm relay output is used to alarm PLC about an insulation fault in a channel group of 12 channel. Using multiple devices in the same system, you can identify the faulty group of 12 channels.


For the system to detect all the product states, the device must be connected to a PLC or equivalent device. For the PLC to cover the state of all the products the following configuration must be implemented:


Insulation alarm relay

Normal operation No insulation fault Closed
Insulation alarm Open
Inoperative product Closed

The Modbus alarm output is used to alarm PLC about an insulation fault in any channel.

PLC must check every 1 second of Status Counter Register (1105) that it registers new value. The new values of Status Counter Register (1105) indicates that the communication is active and the system is functioning as expected. If the value is not changed, PLC must warn an insulation fault. The respective bits of Localization Modbus Register (1103) and Compliment Localization Modbus Register (1104) should compliment. If it does not compliment, PLC must warn an insulation fault.

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