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Engineered Solutions

Schneider Electric provides an engineered solution approach to your specific power system applications. Our total solutions for power monitoring and power system controls allow greater safety, reliability, and energy efficiency of your power systems. As a long standing industry leader in Power Monitoring and Control Systems, we understand your power system requirements and needs.

All of our Engineered Solutions are tailored to your specific system requirements. Schneider Electric is your total solution provider.

The Basics of a Comprehensive Power and Energy Management System

Measure: Gather energy and power data throughout your facility. Stand-alone or embedded meters measure, collect, and deliver essential data from key distribution points across your entire electrical network.

Understand: Turn data into actionable information. Power management software brings intelligent analytics and visualization to power and energy data.

Act: Use actionable information to make intelligent decisions and operational shifts to create change or correct issues.

The Benefits of Power and Energy Management

  • Reduce energy and operational costs

  • Improve power and equipment reliability

  • Optimize operations

  • Increase system capacity

  • Minimize expensive downtime

  • Meet sustainability goals

  • Improve productivity

PowerLogic Engineers provide graphic solutions for realtime monitoring of power systems.

Power System Control Applications

Automated solutions for increased Reliability and Energy Efficiency: Schneider Electric engineers provide Power System Control Applications with automated solutions for addressing your system reliability and efficiency control needs. Our offer covers Automatic Throwover Schemes, Load Shedding/Peak Shaving, and Load Preservation and Mircrogrids.

  • Automatic Throwover Systems – Automatic selection of available utility or generator sources to maintain service continuity to connected loads.

  • Load Shedding/Peak Shaving – Control peak demand levels or ensure service continuity to critical load or operate breakers in accordance with user specified sequences and time delays such as bringing large motors online across several billing kw demand periods to avoid demand penalties.

  • Load Preservation – Fast acting sophisticated control systems designed to stabilize critical power systems to the greatest extent possible by monitoring frequency and power sources from utility plus generator capacity versus total circuit load.

Power System Engineering

The Square D Power System Engineering team offers a wide range of engineering services to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of your power distribution system. The team is comprised of registered professional engineers, safety trained and equipped, to perform a variety of engineering functions.

Power System Studies

The Square D Power System Engineering Team provides expertise for a variety of electrical power system studies. Some of the more common system studies include:

  • Short-circuit analysis

  • Time-current coordination

  • Motor starting/voltage drop

  • Motor starting/torque-speed

  • Safe motor re-energization

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Transient analysis

  • Power factor correction analysis

  • Other system specific analysis

Arc Flash Analysis

Square D offers on-site services to perform arc flash analysis for a facility, complex, office, or campus. An Arc flash analysis is used to determine:

  • Flash Protection Boundary

  • Incident Energy Value

  • Hazard/Risk Category

  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Low cost arc flash reduction methods

Features of Square D arc flash analysis include:

  • Time current coordination analysis showing both existing and recommended over/current device settings

  • Short-circuit study to ensure adequacy of equipment

  • Onsite verification and documentation of equipment

  • Arc flash labels (populated with the results of the arc flash analysis)

  • Arc flash label affixation

  • NFPA 70E—Safe Workplace Practices Training provided by OSHA authorized outreach instructors

  • Recommendations and solutions to reduce potential arc flash hazards

Power Quality Studies

Square D offers onsite power quality engineering studies and solutions to eliminate process disruptions, power system shutdowns, and equipment damage due to electrical power system disturbances. A power quality study is used to:

  • Determine compliance with the IEEE 519-Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems guidelines

  • Identify most cost-effective solution to power quality problems

  • Solve process disruptions due to power disturbances

  • Reduce economic effects of poor power quality

  • Identify disturbances originating on electric utility system and improvements to reduce the number and severity

Power System Assessment

Square D offers engineering services to meet a variety of power system needs:

  • Basic codes and standards compliance

  • Protective coordination assessment

  • Maintenance program review

  • Recommendations for power system optimization

  • Power quality troubleshooting and analysis

  • Power factor and harmonics analysis

  • Electrical safety hazards

  • Short-circuit withstand overview

  • Single-line documentation of power system

  • Power monitoring recommendations

  • Loading measurements

Power System Design Services

Schneider Electric Engineering Services offers three levels of design services based on the customer need:

  • Design Assurance

  • Design Assistance

  • Primary Design Agent

Other areas of expertise include:

  • New equipment installation

  • Existing equipment modification

  • Protection Control Automation

  • Ground Fault Systems

  • Generator Control Systems

Square D professional engineers - safety trained and equipped - will listen to your concerns and goals, define the problem or enhancement, and engineer the solution that best satisfies your needs.

For additional information on power system engineering services and pricing, contact your nearest Square D/Schneider Electric office.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions and Distributed Energy Resource Management

Microgrids deliver
energy flexibility

With our custom solutions and proven expertise, we deliver advanced microgrids that offer the advantages of grid independence – without forfeiting the benefits of being part of the central grid. Our flexible microgrid architecture features a scalable set of grid components designed to efficiently manage your entire energy infrastructure, including distributed generation, energy storage, and load demand, while giving you the ability to easily adapt the system to your changing needs. Learn more at

Total Energy Control

Schneider Electric Certified Energy Managers (CEM’s) work on-site with knowledgeable plant personnel to develop a long-term, comprehensive, “Energy Action Plan”, that serves as the blueprint for energy savings. Unlike performance contracts or one-time energy audits, the Total Energy ControlSM program offers a strategic partnership for energy-intensive industrials who want to improve energy efficiency.

Total Energy Control

  • Utility Analysis: evaluating both the commodity supply side and the demand side areas of the operation.

  • Demand Side Usage: profiling facility loads and consumption patterns.

  • Opportunity Identification / Prioritization: projects that make sense today and those that should be considered in the future as energy prices change.

  • Project Implementation: Client can choose which projects to implement or Square D can provide turn-key implementation.

  • Supply Management: forecasting and making adjustments to reflect current conditions.

  • On-Going Accountability: accountable along with you for the ongoing success of your energy plan.

Leverage in-person and remote services

Take advantage of EcoStruxure Power Advisor Digital Service Plans to increase the reliability of your critical systems, extend the life of your equipment, and improve your energy performance. You won’t believe what your power management system can do with our help! Easily manage your electrical system and keep your operations running smoothly without needing extra time or main-power to do it.

Access the benefits of EcoStruxure Power Advisor, a key component of Digital Service Plans that is the analytical engine that turns your data into information. Using data from your power monitoring software, it combines advanced algorithms with expert analysis, and provides the insight that you need to make the right decisions.

EcoStruxure Power Advisor Digital Service Plans





Basic product support (phone and email; 8am-8pm EST)
Direct access to advanced support & priority case escalation  
Software Assurance[1]  
Remote access troubleshooting  
On demand online training classes  
24/7 support   Option Option


On-site preventative, condition based maintenance[2] Option Option/Semi-annual Option/Quarterly
Software diagnostics (disc usage, server, communication status)    
Designated engineer(s) assigned    
Real-time monitoring    


Power Advisor system & network analysis   Semi-annual Quarterly
Expert design and customization services (remote) Option Discounted Discounted
Power Management University training class Option Discounted Discounted


Three Year Digital Service Plans are available at a discounted rate.

Power Management University (PMU)

Attending a PMU sponsored course will enable attendees to better utilize their Schneider-Electric power monitoring solution thus enabling them to realize energy savings as quickly as possible. PMU offers a variety of options with instructor led options being 80% hands-on, with each student having their own lab workstation. Below is a list of the different training options offered by PMU.


Course Number


Factory Courses: Software Solutions

PME 8.x Fundamentals Bundle (with 12 mo. On-Demand Campus access) 3000PMUFUNDSPMCR 4 Days
PME 8.x Fundamentals Bundle (without 12 mo. On-Demand Campus access) 3000PMUFUNDSPM 4 Days
PME 8.x Virtual ION Processor — Intro to Advanced System Programming 3000PMUPROG 4 Days
PME 8.x Designer — Advanced Device Programming 3000PMUPROG2 3 Days
PME 8.x Administrator 3000PMUADMINSPM 4 Days
PME Project Deployment for System Integrators 3000PLUC4DAY 4 Days

EcoStruxure PowerSCADA Operation Software

PSO 8.2 Project Deployment for System Integrators 3000PMUPSO 4 Days

Other Software Courses

Power Quality — Identification, Causation and Mitigation 3000PMUPQ 3 Days
Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting 3000PLUC100 4 Days
Power SCADA Operation and Maintenance (onsite only) CONTACT FOR OPTIONS CUSTOM
EEM Operation and Maintenance (onsite only) CONTACT FOR OPTIONS CUSTOM

Online Training Solutions

On-Demand Campus (one-year subscription — online access) 3000PMUDEMAND12 12 mo.
SMS Trainer (one-year subscription — online access) 3000PMUSMSTRAINER 12 mo.
EEM Trainer (one-year subscription — online access) 3000PMUEEMTRAINER 12 mo.

Educational Hardware



  1. Upgrade labor not included.
  2. Exceptional travel may result in additional charges.

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