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PM2100 Series LED Display Meter


PM2200 Series LCD Display Meter

The PM2000 series meter is a next-generation energy and power meter that offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation in a single 96 x 96 mm unit. The PM2000 series offers simplicity and reliability for basic energy cost and network management applications at a value price. PM2000 meters are available in LED and LCD display variants:

  • LED display type (PM2100 series): Intuitive navigation with self- guided, three buttons, bright red color LEDs of 14.2 mm height. Two columns of LEDs indicate the parameter name chosen for display.

  • LCD display type (PM2200 series): Monochrome graphical LCD of 128 x 128 resolution lets users read all three phase values simultaneously. The bright display enables easy reading even in extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles with intuitive menus, multi-language text, icons and graphics.

PM2130 and PM2230 meter models have provisions to attach one input/output expansion module. Choose from: two digital inputs, two digital outputs; two analog inputs, two analog outputs; or two digital inputs, two relay outputs.

PM2000 Series Power Meters and Options


Catalog Number


PM2110, THD, LED display, Energy pulse output, Class 1


PM2120, 15th Harmonic, LED display, Modbus RS485, Class 1


PM2130, 31st Harmonic, LED display, Modbus RS485, Class 0.5S


PM2110, THD, LCD display, Energy pulse, Class 1


PM2220, 15th Harmonic, LCD display, Modbus RS485, Class 1


PM2230, 31st Harmonic, LCD display, Modbus RS485, Class 0.5S


Optional Input/Output Modules

PM2X30 I/O Module - 2 Digital In, 2 Digital Out


PM2X30 I/O Module - 2 Analog In, 2 Analog Out


PM2X30 I/O Module - 2 Digital In, 2 Relay Out


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