Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Mitigation Solutions

How can reactive power compensation and harmonic mitigation solutions be part of your energy efficiency programs?

Power factor is a measure of how efficiently you are using electricity. In an electric power system, a load with low power factor draws more current than a load with a high power factor for the same amount of real power transferred. Utility customers with a low power factor could realize an increase or penalty in their electric bill. Over time, these penalties may reach into thousands of dollars, depending upon the utility’s rate structure.

Harmonics may disrupt normal operation of other devices and increase operating costs. Symptoms of problematic harmonic levels include overheating of transformers, motors and cables, thermal tripping of protective devices, logic faults of digital devices and drives. Harmonics can cause vibrations and noise in electrical machines (motors, transformers, reactors). The life span of many devices can be reduced by elevated operating temperature.

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Descriptions, Applications, and Features

Product Description


Product Features

VarSet Standard

Power Factor Correction

Suited for centralized power factor correction in applications where plant loading is constantly changing, resulting in the need for varying amounts of reactive power. Designed for electrical networks with little or no harmonic content.

VarSet Detuned

Power Factor Correction

Suited for centralized power factor correction in applications containing harmonic energies that would otherwise damage standard automatic capacitor banks

VarSet Fast

Power Factor Correction

Contains enhanced technology utilizing solid state switching elements that replace standard electromechanical contactors. Provides quicker response to load fluctuations with transient free capacitor switching.

VarSet Hybrid

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering

Provides instantaneous and infinitely variable reactive power compensation for industrial networks containing highly transient or unstable loads, as well as system compensation for large AC motor inrush current. It integrates conventional power factor correction systems and the latest IGBT-based solutions to provide ultra rapid response and infinitely variable kVAR control.

AccuSine PFV+

Power Factor Correction

Provides reactive current compensation for specific and high performance systems. It can eliminate leading or lagging power factor, reduce voltage fluctuations, enhance equipment operating life, and improve system power capacity.

AccuSine PCS+ and PCSn

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering

It is a flexible, high performance, cost-effective solution to stabilize electrical networks by providing harmonic mitigation, power factor correction, and load balancing. It monitors a distorted electrical signal and determines the frequency and magnitude of harmonics in the signal. It cancels the harmonic content with the dynamic injection of opposing phase current in the distribution system or individual load.

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