Power Quality Meters — ION7400

PowerLogic™ ION7400 Utility Feeder Meter

PowerLogic ION7400

The PowerLogic™ ION7400 utility feeder meter is a highly accurate, extremely reliable power and energy meter with unmatched flexibility and usability. The meter combines accurate 3-phase energy and power measurements with data logging, power quality analysis, alarming and I/O capabilities not typically available in such a compact meter.

The panel or DIN mounted ION7400 meter is flexible enough to fit into a utility’s existing billing or SCADA system, providing industry leading cost management (Class 0.2) and network management (Class S and A PQ data). It is compliant with stringent international standards that guarantee their metering accuracy and power quality measurements. Ideal for installations that are responsible for maintaining the operation and profitability of a facility.

Applications and benefits

  • Maximize profits by providing the highest output possible with the least amount of risk to availability.

  • Optimize availability and reliability of electrical systems and equipment.

  • Monitor power quality (PQ) for compliance and to prevent problems.

  • Meters fully supported by EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and PowerSCADA Operation Software.

Main Characteristics

  • Precision metering

  • PQ compliance reporting and basic PQ analysis

  • Used with EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert software, provides detailed PQ reporting across entire network

  • Onboard data and event logging

  • Alarming and control

  • Excellent quality: ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified manufacturing.

PowerLogic ION7400 Meters


Catalog Number




ION7400 Panel mount meter (integrated display with optical port and 2 energy pulse LEDs)




ION7400 Panel mount meter (integrated display with optical port and 2 energy pulse LEDs), 20-60 Vdc control power




DIN rail mount - utility meter base




DIN rail mount - utility meter base with remote display




DIN rail mount - utility meter base, 20-60 Vdc control power




PowerLogic ION7400 Accessories


Catalog Number

Remote display, 3 metre cable, mounting hardware for 30 mm hole (nut and centering pin), mounting hardware for DIN96 cutout (92 x 92 mm) adapter plate


Digital I/O module (6 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs)


Analog I/O module (4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs)


Display Cable, 10 m


4–Wire RS 485 option module


Fiber-Ethernet option module


Sealing kit


PowerLogic ION7400 showing active alarms.

PowerLogic ION7400 with harmonics display.

PowerLogic ION7400 with phasor display.

PowerLogic ION7400 Features


ION7400 Essential

ION7400 Standard

ION7400 Advanced


Use on LV and MV systems

Current accuracy (5A Nominal)

0.1 % reading

0.1 % reading

0.1 % reading

Voltage accuracy (90-690 V AC L-L, 50, 60, 400 Hz)

0.1 % reading

0.1 % reading

0.1 % reading

Active energy accuracy

0.2 Class

0.2 Class

0.2 Class

Reactive energy accuracy 2% 2% 2%

Number of samples/cycle or sample frequency


256 512
ION programability

Instantaneous rms values

Current, voltage, frequency

Active, reactive, apparent power

Total and per phase

Power factor

Total and per phase

Current measurement range (autoranging)

0.05 - 10 A

0.05 - 10 A

0.05 - 10 A

Energy values

Active, reactive, apparent energy

Settable accumulation modes

Demand values


Present and max. values

Active, reactive, apparent power Present and max. values

Predicted active, reactive, apparent power

Synchronisation of the measurement window

Setting of calculation mode Block, sliding

Power quality measurements

Harmonic distortion Current and voltage

Individual harmonics Via front panel and web page 31 63 63
Via EcoStruxure software 127 127
Waveform capture


Detection of voltage swells and sags


Fast acquistion 1/2 cycle data

IEC61000–4–30 Class A/S S A
EN 50160 compliance checking

IEEE 519 compliance checking

Disturbance Direction Detection

Rapid Voltage Change

Customizable data outputs (using logic and math functions)

Data recording

Min/max of instantaneous values

Data logs

Event logs


SER (Sequence of event recording)

Time stamping

GPS synchronization (+/- 1 ms)

Data Recorder 10 50 64
Memory Channels 160 800 1024
Storage (in Mbytes) 64 512 512

Display and I/O

Front panel display 89 mm TFT

Wiring self-test

Pulse output 1 1 1
Digital or analog inputs (max) 27 digital
16 analog
27 digital
16 analog
27 digital
16 analog

Digital or analogue outputs (max, including pulse output)

1 digital
8 relay
8 analog
1 digital
8 relay
8 analog
1 digital
8 relay
8 analog


2–Wire RS 485 port

1 1 1


2 2 2

Serial port (Modbus, ION, DNP3, DLMS/COSEM)

Ethernet port (Modbus/TCP, ION TCP, DNP3 TCP, IEC 61850, DLMS/COSEM[2])

USB port (mini type B)

ANSI C12.19 Optical port

Option module with 4–Wire RS-485 port

Option module with Fiber-Ethernet port


ANSI C12.20, CLC/TTR50579, EN 50160, IEC 61000–4–7, IEC 6100–4–15, IEC 61000–4–30, IEC 61010–1, IEC 61326, IEC 61557–12, IEC 61850, IEC 62052–11, IEC 62053–22, IEC 62053–23, IEC 62586, and IEEE 519


  1. Waveform capture is limited to 128 Samples/cycle recording.
  2. All the communication ports may be used simultaneously.

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