Parameter modification using the display

To modify the values, you must be thoroughly familiar with the interface menu structure and general navigation principles.

For more information about how the menus are structured, see Vigilohm IM400N menu and Vigilohm IM400THRN menu.

To modify the value of a parameter, follow either of these two methods:

  • Select an item (value plus unit) in a list.

  • Modify a numerical value, digit by digit.

For the following parameters, the numerical value can be modified:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Password

  • Modbus address

Selecting a value in a list

To select a value in a list, use the up and down menu buttons to scroll through the parameter values until you reach the desired value, then press to confirm the new parameter value.

Modifying a numerical value

The numerical value of a parameter is made up of digits and the one on the far right is selected by default. To modify a numerical value, use the menu buttons as follows:

  • to modify the selected digit.

  • to select the digit to the left of the one that is currently selected, or to loop back to the digit on the right.

  • to confirm the new parameter value.

Saving a parameter

After you have confirmed the modified parameter, one of following two actions occur:

  • If the parameter has been saved correctly, the screen displays Saved and then returns to the previous display.

  • If the parameter has not been saved correctly, the screen displays Error and the editing screen remains active. A value is deemed to be out of range when it is classed as forbidden or when there are several interdependent parameters.

Canceling an entry

To cancel the current parameter entry, press the Esc button. The previous screen is displayed.

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