Product installation and wiring


The device provides a configuration option to comply with safety and application standards. The preventive alarm relay used as a mirrored actuators along with the insulation alarm relay to provide a global safety function (with inverted redundancy).

You can activate this function through a relay setting called Mirror Mode: Menu > Settings > I/O Config > Prev.Al.Rel > Mirror

NOTE: When this mode is activated, the Preventive Insulation Alarm is only signaled through the white LED and Modbus communication.

Once activated, the preventive alarm relay mirrors the alarm relay in inverted logic. During product deficiency or a power outage, both relays are de-energized and drops to the same level, as follows:

This allows you to easily separate an Insulation Fault signal from an Inoperative Product signal by implementing a series of simple wiring (or connection to a PLC).

Status input

Enabling the Ack Inhibit (Acknowledge Inhibition) option activates the trigger of an alarm when the injection inhibition is activated. (See Injection inhibition input (Inhibit. Input)). This allows the system in which the device is installed to detect errors from the injection inhibition command (external wiring and internal components).

If the installation does not require the use of exclusion management or if the system implements the Modbus/98 protocol, an OFF option allows you to disable the Injection Inhibition input, providing a complete functional isolation. The electrical state changes on this input are then ignored (Injection inhibition input option OFF) (See Injection inhibition input (Inhibit. Input)).


For the system to detect all the product states, the device must be connected to a PLC or equivalent device, as follows:

For the PLC to cover the state of all the products the following configuration must be implemented:


Injection inhibition

Digital output 1

Insulation alarm relay

Digital input 1

Preventive insulation alarm relay

Digital input 2

Normal operation No insulation fault/ preventive insulation alarm Open Closed Open
Insulation alarm Open Open Closed
Injection disabled Closed Open Closed
Inoperative product Status input issue Closed Closed Open
Inoperative product - Closed Closed
Inoperative product - Open Open
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