Insulation alarm time delay (Ins. Al. Delay) and preventive insulation alarm time delay (Prev. Al. Del.)

In some applications you might want to delay the triggering of an alarm while certain machines are starting up, otherwise erroneous alarms could be triggered. You can set the threshold delay to filter these erroneous alarms.

The threshold delay is time filter. This delay can be used in harsh electrical systems to avoid false insulation alarms and preventive insulation alarms. The device does not report insulation fault that do not remain for a duration longer than the delay set up.

Parameter Allowed Values Default Value
Ins. Al. Delay (Insulation alarm time delay) 0 s...120 mn 0 s
Prev. Al. Del. (Preventive insulation alarm time delay) 0 s...120 mn 0 s
NOTE: The preventive insulation alarm time delay setup is not displayed when the preventive insulation alarm threshold value is set to OFF.

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