Status screens


The default screen shows the insulation resistance value of the system. It is automatically replaced by a screen that notifies an insulation alarm. The screen backlight flashes to indicate an insulation alarm.

Each insulation measurement screen displays a status bar at the bottom that provides additional information.

1 Insulation value
2 Progress bar for the refresh time
NOTE: The progress bar is not displayed if the Filtering parameter is set to 4s */2s *.
3 Bargraph indicating the insulation level on a logarithmic scale. The symbol indicates the insulation alarm threshold value.

Status bar displaying additional information related to the current insulation alarm state. Different types of status bar are as follows:

  • Insulation alarm active time delay: an insulation fault has been measured and the insulation alarm time delay is active. This bar shows a progress bar for the time delay.

  • Insulation alarm pickup date and time

  • Insulation alarm dropout date and time

  • Insulation alarm relay acknowledgment

The status bars can also indicate:

  • a cyclic auto-test is running in the background

  • a first measurement is in progress (at startup or after reactivating the injection function)


Contextual buttons for navigating the insulation screens or for launching a manual auto-test.

Insulation resistance measurement (R)

The device displays the insulation resistance measurement for the system by default.

Insulation alarm detected: insulation fault

The device displays the insulation fault screen when the insulation value falls below the insulation alarm threshold.

The screen flashes whenever an insulation alarm is detected.

There are two possible scenarios:

  • Acknowledge the insulation alarm by pressing the button.

  • If you do not acknowledge the insulation alarm and the system insulation returns to a value above the insulation alarm threshold, the screen displays transient fault.

Insulation alarm acknowledged

This screen is displayed when you have acknowledged the insulation alarm. The status bar shows the time when the insulation fault is acknowledged.

Preventive alarm activated

This screen is displayed when the preventive alarm has been activated.

Transient fault

This screen is displayed when a transient fault has occurred.

Acknowledge the transient fault by pressing the button.

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