Communication parameters

Before initiating any communication with the device, you must configure the Modbus communication port. You can configure communication parameters by selecting (Menu > Settings > Modbus).

The communication parameters and its allowed and default values are as follows:

The following table is profiled. Check for row profiling before making any changes.

Parameter Default value Allowed values
Address 1 1...247
Auto Config OFF
  • ON

  • OFF

Baud rate 19200
  • 4800

  • 9600

  • 19200

  • 38400

Parity Even
  • None

  • Even

  • Odd

To modify the parameter value, see Parameter modification using the display.

In point-to-point mode, when the device is directly connected to a computer, the reserved address 248 can be used to communicate with the device irrespective of the device internal address.

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