Application (App)

The device is designed and tested to be compliant with different applications, which can be monitored. The device is compliant with the following applications:

  • Power circuits: industrial or marine applications that contain power loads and power electronics such as speed drives, inverters, or rectifiers.

  • Control circuits: auxiliary control circuits used to drive power systems. These circuits contain sensitive loads such as PLCs, IOs, or sensors.

  • Medium voltage system: Applications up to 33 kV with compatible Schneider Electric voltage transformer.

To optimize the measurement performance of the device according to the application, you can set the application parameter depending on the type of application on which the device is installed:

Parameter Value Applicable Models Application
Power C. (Default) IM400N Power circuits
Control C. IM400N Control circuits
THR * IM400THRN Medium voltage system

NOTE: For IM400THRN, the App value is fixed to THR.

The following measurement parameters accessible in the Network menu are automatically preset depending on the App value:

  • Filtering

  • Locating

  • V. Adapt

  • Frequency

  • Injection *

There is no need to configure these parameters in typical conditions. The following table list the preset values of the measurement parameters according to the App value:

Preset Values App value
Power C. Control C. THR
Filtering 40s 40s 20s
Locating Alarm OFF -
V. Adapt None None None
Frequency 50 Hz DC -
Injection * - - 60V

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