Locating insulating fault manually

You can use the mobile insulation fault locating devices if:

  • Insulation fault location on a feeder not equipped with an automatic insulation fault locator, or

  • To facilitate the location of an insulation fault on a feeder

The signal injected by the device is compatible with the XPxx and XRM devices.

The term “XPxx” refers to “XP15, XP50, and XP100”.


Perform the following network settings on the device:

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Network.

  2. Set Locating parameter value to Alarm or Prev.Al..


  1. When insulation fault occurs, connect the XPxx to XRM.
  2. Clamp the XPxx and XRM setup to an inject wire near to the device.
  3. On XRM, touch and hold the ON push button, adjust the sensitivity adjustment dial and calibrate to a reference value 18.

    An example is shown as follows:

  4. Clamp the XPxx and XRM setup on all the channels and record the XRM values on each channel.

    An example is shown as follows:

    If the recorded value of a channel is nearest to the calibrated value, it indicates an insulation fault in the corresponding channel or the downstream channel (if any).

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