Navigation buttons and icons

Use the display buttons to navigate through menus and perform actions.
Legend Button Icon Description
1 Menu Display the level 1 menu (Menu).
2 Esc Go back to the previous level.
3 Contextual menu button 3 Scroll up the display or move to the previous item in a list.
Access the date and time setting. If the clock icon flashes, it means that the Date/Time parameter needs to be set.
Increase a numerical value.
4 Contextual menu button 2 Scroll down the display or move to the next item in a list.
Move one digit to the left within a numerical value. If the digit on the far left is already selected, pressing the button loops you back to the digit on the right.
5 Contextual menu button 1

Validate the selected item.

Acknowledge the transient alarm.

Run the auto-test manually.
Go to a menu or submenu, or edit a parameter.
Acknowledge the insulation alarm.
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