Example application: Ungrounded power system insulation monitoring and the insulation fault location connected to a communication network

You can use an IMD to monitor an ungrounded power system and remotely provide display and configuration functionality.

An ungrounded power system is a system involving the use of a transformer whose neutral is not connected to ground.

When the IMD is linked to the supervisor via a Modbus connection, the following actions are supported:

  • Display: The product status, the status of the insulation alarm (active, inactive, acknowledged), the status of the preventive insulation alarm, details of the last 30 time-tagged events, the values for R and C in order to create tables or curves for monitoring these values over variable periods

  • Configure the product remotely. All the settings can be accessed remotely, with the exception of the Modbus parameters.

Using the XD308C insulation fault location device in addition with the XLI300 communication interface or IFL* allows also the supervisor to monitor remotely all the feeders and so to report precisely any insulation fault location.

The XRM mobile insulation fault locator is used to locate accurately the area where the insulation fault has occurred.

NOTE: Using an Ethernet gateway enables you to make use of an existing Ethernet network.
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