Example application: Ungrounded power system insulation monitoring connected to a communication network

You can use an IMD to monitor an ungrounded power system and remotely provide display and configuration functionality.

An ungrounded power system is a system involving the use of a transformer whose neutral is not connected to ground.

When the IMD is linked to the supervisor via a Modbus connection, the following actions are supported:

  • Display: The product status, the status of the insulation alarm (active, inactive, acknowledged), the status of the preventive insulation alarm, details of the last 30 time-tagged events, the values for R and C in order to create tables or curves for monitoring these values over variable periods

  • Configure the product remotely. All the settings can be accessed remotely, with the exception of the Modbus parameters.

NOTE: Using an Ethernet gateway enables you to make use of an existing Ethernet network.
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