Insulation fault log display screen

You can the view the details of an insulation fault event by navigating to Menu > Logging.

The below table rows are profiled. Check row profiling before making any changes
1 Insulation fault value recorded
2 Type of fault recorded:

  • insulation fault

  • preventive insulation fault

NOTE: These faults are recorded as primary record.

3 Date and time when the fault appeared
NOTE: This information is stored as primary record.

Date and time when the fault disappeared due to any one of the following event:

  • Insulation fault acknowledgement

  • Disappearance of the preventive insulation fault or transient insulation fault

  • Power failure while on active alarm.

  • Product error while on active alarm.

  • Injection disable

  • Over capacitance

  • Over voltage

NOTE: This information is stored as secondary record.

5 Number of the event displayed
6 Total number of events recorded

Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the events.

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