Device overview

The device is a digital insulation monitoring device (IMD) for low-voltage and medium-voltage ungrounded power systems. The device monitors the insulation of a power system and notifies any insulation faults as soon as they occur.

IMD applies low-frequency AC voltage between the power system and the ground to provide accurate insulation monitoring in complex applications. The insulation is then assessed on the basis of the current value returned. This method is used for all power system types - AC, DC, combined, rectified, with a variable speed drive, etc.

The device offers the following features:

  • Insulation resistance display (R)

  • Detection of insulation faults in accordance with a configurable threshold

  • Leakage capacitance display (C) with associated impedance (Zc) *

  • Communication via the Modbus RS-485 protocol

  • Injection inhibition via logic input

  • Insulation fault log

  • Trending of the insulation resistance (R) from last hour to last year

  • Quick setup of the monitoring parameters according to the applications

  • Compatibility with voltage adaptor (Umax = 1,700 Vac Ph-Ph or Umax = 1,200 Vdc)

  • Compatibility with P1N ground adaptor and voltage transformer (Umax = 33 kVac) *

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