Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breakers

Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breakers for Motor Protection Applications

Adjustable instantaneous-trip circuit breakers are intended for use in combination with motor starters with overload relays for the protection of motor circuits from short circuits.

Other specific applications include rectifiers and resistance welders. These circuit breakers contain a magnetic trip element in each pole with the trip point adjustable from the front. Interrupting ratings are determined by testing the instantaneous-trip circuit breakers in combination with a contactor and overload relay.

Select instantaneous-trip circuit breakers as follows:

This selection table is suitable for motors, other than NEMA Design E, with locked-rotor indicating code letters per NEC® Table 430.7 (b) as follows:

Locked-Rotor Indicating Codes


Motor Code Letter

1/2 or less

3/4 to 1-1/2

2 to 3

5 to 25

30 to 125

150 or more







  • For other motors order a special thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with magnetic trip settings for the specific motor— specify motor horsepower, voltage, frequency, full-load current and code letter or locked rotor current.

  • Determine motor hp rating from the motor nameplate.

  • Refer to the tables and select an instantaneous-trip circuit breaker with an ampere rating recommended for the hp and voltage involved.

  • Select an adjustable trip setting of at least 800%, not to exceed 1300%, of the motor full-load amperes (FLA) for other than Design E motors. For Design E motors, select an adjustable trip setting of at least 1100% not to exceed 1700% of FLA.

  • The NEC 1300% maximum setting may be inadequate for instantaneous-trip circuit breakers to withstand current surges typical of the magnetization current of autotransformer type reduced voltage starters, or open transition wye-delta starters during transfer from “start” to “run,” constant hp multi-speed motors, and motors labeled “high efficiency.” Select thermal-magnetic circuit breakers for those applications.

  • Part-winding motors, per NEC 430.4, should have two circuit breakers selected from the above at not more than one half the allowable trip setting for the horsepower rating. The two circuit breakers should operate simultaneously as a disconnecting means per NEC 430.103.

  • Based on NEC 430.52 and NEC Table 430.250.

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