Installation Procedure for UPS with Internal Batteries

NOTE: The modular battery cabinet can be installed adjacent or remote to a UPS with internal batteries.

Modular Battery Cabinets and Adjacent UPS Rated for Maximum 100 kW

Modular Battery Cabinets and Remote UPS Rated for Maximum 100 kW

NOTE: The distance between the modular battery cabinet(s) and the UPS must not exceed 100 m. Contact Schneider Electric for installations with a longer distance.
  1. Prepare for Installation.
  2. For installation with remote UPS:
    1. Install the Conduit Box on the Modular Battery Cabinet.
    2. Prepare Modular Battery Cabinet 1 for Signal Cables.
  3. Install the Seismic Anchoring (Option).
  4. For installation with adjacent UPS: Interconnect Modular Battery Cabinet 1 and the Adjacent UPS.
  5. Interconnect the Modular Battery Cabinets.
  6. Connect the Power Cables for a UPS Rated for Maximum 100 kW.
  7. Connect the Signal Cables.
  8. Add Translated Safety Labels to Your Product.
  9. Final Installation.
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