Installation Procedure

Modular Battery Cabinets and Adjacent UPS

Modular Battery Cabinets and Remote UPS

NOTE: The distance between the modular battery cabinet(s) and the UPS must not exceed 100 m. Contact Schneider Electric for installations with a longer distance.
  1. Prepare for Installation.
  2. For installation with remote UPS:
    1. Install the Conduit Box on Modular Battery Cabinet 1.
    2. Prepare Modular Battery Cabinet 1 for Signal Cables.
  3. Install the Seismic Anchoring (Option).
  4. For installation with adjacent UPS: Interconnect Modular Battery Cabinet 1 and the Adjacent UPS.
  5. Interconnect the Modular Battery Cabinets.
  6. Connect the Power Cables.
  7. Connect the Signal Cables.
  8. Add Translated Safety Labels to Your Product.
  9. Final Installation.
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