CANopen Network Products

CANopen is an open network that is supported by over 400 companies world wide and promoted by CAN in Automation. CANopen is standardized in the EN50325-4 and in ISO15745-2 for its device description.

The main reason for using a network is the performance and the flexibility to adapt the network exactly to the requirements of the application. CANopen provides a unique feature for the adaptation of the data transmission. Based on the producer/consumer model, CANopen allows for a data transmission broadcast, peer-to-peer, change-of-state and cyclic communication. This means it transmits data only when required or on a specified time base. Process data objects can be individually configured. Parameters can be changed at runtime.

CANopen combines ease of installation with inexpensive devices. CANopen provides an integrated equipotential bounding in the cable. Therefore, an additional cable or stranded copper ribbon to achieve the same potential on all network devices is not necessary. Installation costs are heavily reduced.

More information on CANopen and CANopen Products is available in catalog MKTED208054EN-US.

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