Ethernet TCP/IP

Ethernet TCP/IP Products

The recognition of Ethernet TCP/IP, both in organizations and on the internet, has made it the communication standard of today. Its wide use is leading to a reduction in connection costs, increased performance and the addition of new functions, which all combine to ensure its durability.
Ethernet TCP/IP meets the connection requirements of every application:

  • Twisted pair copper cables for simplicity and low cost

  • Optical fiber for immunity to interference and for long distances

  • Communication redundancy, inherent in the IP (internet protocol)

  • Remote point-to-point access via the telephone network or the Internet for the cost of a local call

Ethernet TCP/IP, a truly open technology, supports all types of communication:

  • Web pages

  • File transfer

  • Industrial messaging

With its high speed, the network no longer limits the performance of the application. The architecture can evolve without any difficulty. The products or devices remain compatible, ensuring the long-term durability of the system.
More information on Ethernet and Ethernet Products is available in catalog MKTED208054EN-US.

ConneXium™ Ethernet Products

The ConneXium line of networking products offers a complete range of Ethernet switches (managed and unmanaged), hubs, transceivers, gateways, cabling, and diagnostic monitoring software for demanding industrial environments. With fiber and redundant capabilities, along with advanced filtering and security features, ConneXium products improve the performance and security of the network. More details can be found at

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