Modicon™ Telefast™ ABE7 and ABE9

Modicon™ Telefast™ ABE7 Sub-bases, IP20

The Modicon Telefast ABE7 pre-wired system enables connection and adaptation of control signals of industrial PLC cards that are fitted with HE10 connectors. It rationalizes cabling by replacing PLC terminals and traditional terminal blocks—thus improving simplicity and economy. For more information, refer to Advantsys Telefast ABE7 and catalog DIA3ED2160602EN.

Modicon™ Telefast™ ABE9 Passive Splitter Boxes, IP67

Modicon Telefast ABE9 splitter boxes eliminate long and difficult cable runs by avoiding the use of intermediate junction boxes. Due to their modularity and size, they are perfect for the requirements of your varying applications.For more information, refer to Modicon ABE9 and catalog DIA3ED2160602EN.

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