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Schneider Electric Modicon™ M171 Programmable Solution

Modicon M171 logic controller: best-in-class for scalability and energy efficiency, dedicated for HVAC/R and pumping applications. Designed to meet customer’s needs by reducing time-to-market, reducing costs, improving machine efficiency, and simplifying integration. Reduce overall time-to-market with our application experts, pre-developed proven architectures, and existing applications (libraries, application function blocks, and baseline examples). Reduce costs through our optimized platforms, embedded webserver, and scalable platforms. Improve overall machine efficiency with integration of variable speed drives, Coefficient of Performance monitoring, and remote interface capabilities. Simplify equipment integration and maintenance through a wide choice of connectivity options scalable to small and large applications, along with an embedded webserver interface.

The M171 programmable platform consists of the EcoStruxure Machine Expert – HVAC Programming Software for Modicon M171-M172 Logic Controllers, M171O, and M171P, a complete range from simple and compact through complex and BMS connected applications.

Key accessories include the plug-in communication modules to facilitate integration with Building Management Systems in residential, commercial, and industrial end-user applications, along with I/O expansion modules, and a variety of remote user interface devices.

EcoStruxure Machine Expert – HVAC Programming Software for Modicon M171 and M172 Logic Controllers

Modicon M171 integrated software development suite allows for intuitive management of every step in the process: developing the application, programming and servicing controllers, configuring communication networks, design of user interface and web pages, and full de-bug and simulation capabilities. Software languages are compliant with IEC 61131-3 programming standards, including Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, Ladder, Instruction List, and Sequential Flow Chart.


The Modicon M171 optimized logic controller for simple and compact machines is the smallest programmable controller on the market, offering tremendous versatility. Packaging comes standard in either a 4-DIN or 32x74 mm panel mount option, with or without the user interface. Power input can be specified with either 12–24 V or 100–240 Vac, depending on the model. The controller features up to twenty-two I/O, including three analog outputs and five analog inputs. One I/O expansion module and two remote user interface devices can be added to expand capabilities.


The Modicon M171 performance logic controller for complex and BMS connectable machines provides more processing power, I/Os, connectivity, and an embedded webserver. Packaging comes standard 8 DIN rail-mounted configuration with or without the display and in an alternative Panel mount version, ideally for distributed control systems or as a centralized gateway device. Designed with integrated RS-485 and CAN ports, a connectivity module can be added to expand capabilities with Modbus RTU and TCP, BACnet MSTP and IP, HTTP, CAN, and Modbus ACSII. Power input can be specified to operate with 24 Vac/Vdc or 48 Vdc. The controller features up to twenty-seven I/O, including five analog outputs and six analog inputs. Up to twelve I/O expansion modules and two remote user interface terminals can be added to meet almost any application need.

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