Modicon™ Momentum™ Controller and IP20 Monoblock I/Os

Modicon™ Momentum™ Distributed I/O and PLC

The small footprint and open architecture of the Momentum PLC product line make it extremely versatile for a variety of automation applications. The Momentum PLC is ideal for PC-based control, distributed control, distributed I/O, and traditional, standalone PLC control. Momentum PLC options and accessories include: I/O bases, processor adapters, option adapters and communication adapters that are interchangeable and snap together to deliver optimal flexibility throughout the control system lifecycle. Using Ethernet as its communications backbone, the Modicon Momentum M1E Processor delivers all the performance benefits of real-time control. The open architecture of the M1E processor makes it a universal controller for distributed I/O, compatible with many of the major fieldbus and control network environments. An integral Ethernet port in the M1E allows users to perform a wide range of functions over Ethernet, including data acquisition, peer-to-peer communications, and I/O scanning.

Five embedded web pages enable the use of a standard web browser to read status and diagnostic information from the processor. The most recent addition to the Momentum product offer is the Momentum M1E ConneXium switch. This model combines the power and functionality of the M1E processor with the communication versatility of four Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP ports. The award winning M1E not only seamlessly connects I/O and other control devices via open standards; it delivers the performance of a full function, real-time controller for stand-alone and distributed system configurations in one money-saving unit.

For more information, refer to Modicon Momentum and catalog MKTED205061EN-US

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