Modicon PACs

Modicon™ M340 PAC

Our latest midrange PAC is the most integrated ever! Highly requested by industrial OEMs and end users, the all-power-inside concept boasts high-performance processing and small size to create a system that provides flexibility beyond any before. With up to three built-in CPU communication ports, large memory options, sixty-four channel high-density modules, and embedded web servers, the Modicon M340 is a powerful solution for industrial OEMs and end users demanding more productivity in their PACs. The Modicon M340 PAC supports advanced communications such as enhanced Ethernet/IP which support Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and daisy chain loop communications on the same four-port, rack mounted switch module. It will also support DNP3.0 in serial or Ethernet in a rack-mounted RTU module. The Modicon M340 PAC is programmed with Unity Pro software, which allows users to dramatically reduce setup time and effort with features like drag ‘n drop CANopen bus setup and standard IEC 61131–3 language selection. Designers gain fast, easy and efficient startups. More details are found on our website or in the latest Modicon M340 catalogs and brochures. More information is available at Modicon M340 PAC.

Modicon™ M580 ePAC

The Modicon M580 ePAC (Ethernet Programmable Automation Controllers) features openness, flexibility, robustness and sustainability. The M580 ePAC is designed with an Ethernet backbone to optimize connectivity and communications. The microprocessor has three native Ethernet ports on the chip. Schneider Electric collaborated with the supplier to design the microprocessor, and in 2013 the supplier agreed to provide the microprocessor for 20 years, helping to protect customers' long-term investments. The powerful processors offer high levels of computation for complex networked communication, display and control applications. The M580 ePAC is designed for cybersecurity. It has an Achilles Level 2 certification. Achilles Level 2 certification by Wurldtech is considered to be the best cybersecurity certification available for PACs. The M580 has other advanced embedded cyber security features that are defined by IEC 62443. This includes, but is not limited to the ability to disable unused services, control of remote access to the PAC and integrity checks of Unity Pro executable files. The M580 ePAC supports X80 common I/O modules which can be easily integrated into its architecture. More details are available at Modicon M580 PAC Controller.

Modicon™ Premium™ PAC

Ideally suited for discrete manufacturing, complex OEM applications as well as municipality and infrastructure applications, this cost-effective PAC line features integrated functions such as weighing, interpolated motion control, and process loops. Using the built-in Ethernet port, user-customized web page capabilities, and a range of popular open-standard fieldbus connections, the Modicon Premium enables seamless communication with enterprise systems providing low-cost remote maintenance diagnostics. More details are available at Modicon Premium PAC.

Modicon™ Quantum™ PAC

The Modicon Quantum PAC is our high-end, full function PLC designed for high I/O count industrial applications that require high performance such as Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Food and Beverage, Automotive, and others. Quantum also offers true bumpless hot standby. Quantum processors can be programmed with Unity Pro software, and can also support legacy 984 ladder logic programs in the LL984 Unity Pro editor by simply importing the legacy application program. Concept™ application software and ProWORX™ 32 application software are also supported on the Quantum platform. The Unity Quantum's onboard memory can exceed 3 Mbytes, and can have more than 7 Mbytes of extended memory on a PCMCIA card for data and application storage combined. It can also provide over 8 Mbytes of data storage alone. The Quantum PLC also offers Safety PAC versions certified for use in up to SIL3 applications. This includes both standard and hot standby capability as well as redundant I/O. It programs with Unity Pro XLS. The SIL3 offer stresses both high reliability as well as high availability. More details are available at Modicon Quantum PAC and catalog DIA6ED2110705EN-US.

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