Ecoreach Software Key Features

Device Discovery:

Ecoreach software helps the user to discover the communicating devices in electrical equipment either through Ethernet or a serial network. Once the devices are discovered, the user can add those devices to the project area.

Device settings:

Ecoreach software helps the user to set the protection settings and the alarms of the Masterpact MTZ devices including dual settings and IO module configuration.

Communication Test:

When a user has installed communicating devices in electrical equipment, Ecoreach software offers the capability to test the communication network. Once a communication test is done, the user can generate a time stamped communication test report.


Ecoreach software offers the following reports to the users

  • Circuit breaker and communication test reports

  • Comprehensive project report

  • Logs and trip history reports

Firmware Upgrade

Ecoreach software offers a system compatibility check and firmware upgrade for the following devices.

  • Micrologic X control units

  • EIFE / IFE / IFM

  • IO modules

Digital Modules Support

Ecoreach software helps the user to buy digital modules which allows digital customization of the devices.

Ecoreach software directs the user to the GoDigital platform to purchase digital modules.

After purchase, Ecoreach software helps to install/uninstall the digital modules in the Micrologic X control unit in a secured way.

Sharing with Ecostruxure Facility Expert

Ecoreach software offers the chance to share project with Facility Expert. A digital logbook is then automatically created for the Masterpact MTZ device.

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