General Architecture

Ethernet has become the universal link between electrical equipment, computers and communicating devices inside buildings. The large amount of information which can be transferred makes the connection of the Enerlin'X™ Breaker Digital System to cloud-hosted and web-based services of Schneider Electric a reality.

Micrologic X control units and interfaces offers multiple communication channels:

  • Connection to an Ethernet network through either an EIFE or an IFE interface module. The EIFE and IFE modules are connected to the Micrologic X control unit by means of a ULP port and a prefabricated ULP cord. The EIFE is dedicated to drawout circuit breakers.

  • Connection to a Modbus SL (RTU) RS 485 bus is through an IFM interface module. The IFM module is connected to the Micrologic X control unit by means of a ULP port and a prefabricated ULP cord.

  • Communication with a smartphone via a wireless powered Bluetooth channel or a self-powered NFC channel.

  • Communication with a PC via a USB port.

  • Connection to Internet-based servers or cloud platform. The connection to Internet can be performed through a Com'X module connected to internal Ethernet network. In addition Micrologic X offers a wireless proprietary connectivity interface for communication with a Com'X module.

Drawout Circuit Breaker

Fixed Circuit Breaker

To improve the capabilities of monitoring and control, one or two IO modules connected to the ULP bus can be associated to IFE, EIFE, and IFM modules.

The EIFE is designed to monitor the three positions of the drawout circuit breaker when inserted in its cradle:

  • Circuit breaker racked IN (CE contact).

  • Circuit breaker racked OUT (CD contact).

  • Circuit breaker in test position (CT contact).

  • No additional IO module is required to monitor these three positions.

The connection of an FDM128 display unit on the Ethernet internal bus is possible for any configuration.

The following control orders, information and data, are made available on Ethernet and Modbus SL (RTU):

  • Control orders:

    • MX diag&com shunt trip opening order

    • XF diag&com shunt close closing order

  • Events:

    • All the events logged in the Micrologic X control unit event logbooks

  • Status indications:

    • ON/OFF O/F

    • Spring charged CH

    • Ready to close

    • Overcurrent trip SDE

    • Connected / disconnected / test position CE/CD/CT

  • Measurements

    • Instantaneous measurement information

    • Averaged measurement information

    • Max/Min values

    • Energy metering

    • Power quality...

  • Operating assistance:

    • Protection settings and alarm

    • Histories

    • Maintenance indicators

  • Availability:

    • Access control by password, to be initialized by the user

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