Masterpact MTZ Communication Architecture

ULP Wiring system

The wiring system is designed for low-voltage power electrical equipment. Installation requires no tools or special skills.

The prefabricated wiring supports both data transmission and power supply for the communications modules associated with Micrologic X control units.

ULP System

ULP system is a fast communication link dedicated to circuit breaker monitoring and control.

It is well adapted to severe environments.

A choice of cables with different lengths is provided for the connection of the ULP port to EIFE, IFE or IO modules.

EIFE / IFE Interfaces

EIFE / IFE interfaces provide an IP address to any circuit breaker fitted with an ULP port.

The EIFE / IFE interfaces make all available data from the circuit breaker accessible from an Ethernet compatible display (FDM128), a PC with common browser, or a Modbus TCP/IP client.

EIFE / IFE interfaces generate their own web pages.

IO Application Module

The IO module is dedicated to circuit breakers with a ULP link.

It may maintain:

  • Control of the circuit breaker.

  • Control of applications around the circuit breaker such as the cooling system, load control, lighting, and pulse metering acquisition.

MTZ Drawout Circuit Breaker

MTZ Fixed Circuit Breaker

MTZ Fixed Circuit Breaker Without IO Module

MTZ Fixed Ccircuit Breaker with Additional IO Module

Note: For every Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker the 24 Vdc supply of all the associated interface modules (ULP port, IFE, IFM, IO) must be delivered from the same 24 Vdc power supply.

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