Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Fixed and Drawout Devices

The diagram is shown with circuits de-energized, all devices open, connected and charged and relays in normal position.

Power *

Control Unit

Remote Operation

It is possibe to add a second MX/MX diag&com or an MN/MN diag coil.


Indication Contacts

Cradle Contacts

Control Unit Terminal Block


Remote Operation Terminal Block

Com :

ULP communication



Overcurrent trip indication contact

Remote Reset

UC1 :

Z1-Z4 Zone Selective Interlocking
M1 = MDGF module input


UC2 :

T1, T2 = Neutral External Sensors
M2, M3 = MDGF module input ext. 24 Vdc power supply required



Overcurrent Trip Indication Contact (Supplied as Standard)


MN /MN diag:

Undervoltage Release Standard or Diagnostic

UC3 :

Voltage Connector (must be connected to the neutral with a 3P circuit breaker)


MX/MX diag&com:

Shunt Trip Standard or Diagnostic & Communicating

UC4 :
M2C :

External Voltage Connector (PTE option)

2 Programmable Contacts (external relay)


2nd MX/MX diag&com:

Shunt Trip Standard or Diagnostic


XF/XF diag&com:

Shunt Close Standard or Diagnostic & Communicating



Ready-to-Close Contact



Spring Charging Motor

NOTE: When communicating MX com or XF com accessories are used, the third wire (C3,A3, C13) must be connected even if the communication module is not installed.

Terminal Block Marking

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