Masterpact MTZ External Accessories

Connection of Auxiliary Wiring to Terminal Block


One conductor only per connection point.

External Power Supply Module (AD)

ZSI Interface Module

Delay Unit for MN Release

IFE - Ethernet Interface

IFM - Modbus SL (RTU) Interface

IO (Input/Output) Application Module

Com’X 210

Components for Source Ground-Return (SGR) Protection

MGDF Module



External Neutral Current Sensor

400/1600 A
(MTZ1 06 to MTZ1 16)

400/2000 A
(MTZ2 08 to MTZ2 20)

1000/4000 A
(MTZ2 25 to MTZ2 40)

4000/6300 A
(MTZ3 40 to MTZ3 63)

2000/6300 A
(MTZ2 to MTZ3)
Single Sensor Kit

2000/6300 A
(MTZ2 to MTZ3)
3 Layer Bus

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