Masterpact MTZ Life Cycle Services

Achieve the highest performance with Schneider Electric maintenance services all along the life cycle of your equipment.

  • Reduce unscheduled faults by maintaining equipment in the best operating conditions.

  • Maximize the lifetime of equipment.

  • Increase operation efficiency and power availability.

Preventive Maintenance

Lower TCO and increase equipment life with the right kind of maintenance.

Schneider Electric offers four levels of maintenance:

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • On site condition maintenance (including Schneider Electric proprietary diagnostics tools)

  • Condition-based maintenance with permanent equipment monitoring

Preventive maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is based on on-site interventions to repair or replace inoperable devices and restore the installation to its initial conditions of operation and expected level of performance.

Recommended Spare Parts Kit

Schneider Electric Services supply original spare parts for your Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers.

Recommended spare parts kits:

  • Commissioning spare part kit

  • Three-year operation spare part kit

Recommended Spare Parts


Recommended for Commissioning

3 Years of Operation

Closing coil



Opening coil



Auxiliary contacts ON / OFF




Fault indication



Connected / Disc. / Test



Ready to close




Spring charging motor


Terminal block


Micrologic cover


Escutcheon transparent cover


Auxiliary terminals

Terminal block





Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is conducted during a scheduled outage as per time intervals/cycles of use in accordance with equipment manufacturer recommendations:

  • Visual inspections and checks.

  • Cleaning and mechanism greasing.

  • Opening, closing, and mechanism operation.

  • Parts checking and replacement when needed.

On-Site Condition Maintenance

Advanced Diagnostic Solutions for Optimized Performance with ProDiag Solutions

To provide maximum care for electrical distribution equipment, preventive maintenance should be supported by on-site condition maintenance. Regular diagnostics enable to identify symptoms of an undetected problem or degradation in an installation before a fault happens. The performance of the equipment is therefore maintained at its optimum level.

On-Site Condition Maintenance

On-site condition maintenance is the best field maintenance practice for balancing asset availability and operating costs. It is the result of associating preventive maintenance with ProDiag diagnostics (when available).

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is based on permanent monitoring of equipment data in order to define the best timeframe to perform maintenance. CBM users benefit from maintenance algorithms and rules to decide and act on the right asset, at the right time.

Diagnostic Services Offer

Schneider Electric offers diagnostic solutions dedicated to circuit breakers and control units:

  • ProDiag Trip Unit

  • ProDiag Breaker

  • ProDiag Clusters

ProDiag Trip Unit

The ProDiag Trip Unit diagnoses the control unit condition to lessen the risk of a circuit breaker not opening, which could damage the equipment.

  • How: checking tripping curves, control unit parameters and settings by secondary injections; the goal is to determine whether recorded measurements are within the acceptable range.

  • Method: comparison of measurements with the manufacturer expected performance.

  • Job type: intrusive with shutdown.

ProDiag Trip Unit - Isc

ProDiag Breaker

The Prodiag Breaker diagnoses the circuit breaker condition to lessen the risk of a circuit breaker not opening, which could damage the equipment.

  • How: detection of possible drifts of mechanism performance.

  • Method: comparison of measurements with the manufacturer expected performance.

  • Job type: intrusive with shutdown.

ProDiag breaker data analysis

ProDiag Clusters

Detect possible connection cluster dysfunction not detected during the traditional preventive maintenance, resulting from an accelerated aging process caused by: withdrawal operations, severe environmental conditions, electrical stress, harsh exploitation, or uneven maintenance.

  • How: crafted visual inspection of connection clusters surface condition, and its mechanical contact pressure.

  • Method: measure with a proprietary contact pressure meter. The values are compared with original equipment specifications.

  • Job type: intrusive with shutdown.

Advantage Service Plans

Plan for the future of the electrical distribution installation with Advantage Service Plans

  • Advantage Service Plans are comprehensive service packages designed to provide customized best-in-class services at a contractual cost-effective price.

  • An Advantage Service plan is for a duration of one to several years with an option for renewal.

  • Any plan can be customized by adding options or upgrades.

  • All plans include preventive maintenance to increase uptime by detecting problems before they occur.

  • Advantage Service Plans allow customers to select the appropriate services according to their needs and constraints:

    • Budgetary constraints

    • Criticality of the installation

    • Protection issues

    • Complexity of electrical architecture

    • Limitation of the risks of power interruptions

  • Advantage Service Plans provide the following benefits:

    • Manufacturer commitment

    • Reduced total cost of ownership

    • Extended equipment lifetime

    • Increased protection for personnel and surrounding equipment

    • On-site interventions

    • Remote technical support

Advantage Service Plans


Advantage Plus

Advantage Prime

Advantage Ultra

Preventive maintenance


On-site time-based maintenance

Planned shutdown


Corrective maintenance

24/7 technical support


Emergency on-site intervention


Cost of parts

Preferred rates

Preferred rates


Labor & travel costs

Preferred rates


Additional services

Data web-access




On-site condition maintenance

SLA reactivity ProDiag




Modernizing Electrical Distribution Equipment

Extend the lifetime of LV electrical equipment with the Modernization & Upgrade solution to reduce costs when maintenance operations reach unreasonable levels.

The Modernization & Upgrade solution helps when upgrading equipment and installations:

  • Replace only active components, while leaving equipment structure intact.

  • Plug&Play and Masterkit solutions are proposed with Masterpact MTZ as a replacement for Masterpact M.

  • Extend existing infrastructure with Masterpact MTZ while using the same communication network (SCADA, BMS, etc...).


  • Prolong equipment life.

  • Optimize maintenance service costs and limit investment.

  • Maintain compliance with evolving industry standards and legislation.

  • Increase the safety of personnel and surrounding equipment by using the latest technology.

  • Access to Energy Management with the new Micrologic X control unit.

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