Smart System ULP Interface Module

In Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers, an internal communication protocol (ULP port) is embedded in the Micrologic X control unit (a BCM module is not needed), as well as the microswitch contacts necessary to obtain circuit breaker status information (OF, SDE, PF, CH).

Masterpact MTZ Fixed Circuit Breaker

Masterpact MTZ Drawout Circuit Breaker

NOTE: Masterpact MTZ switches have no communication capabilities. They are not compatible with any communication architecture.

Masterpact MTZ ULP Port

Depending on the type of the device (Masterpact MTZ1, MTZ2, MTZ3, fixed or drawout version), the ULP port and its corresponding wiring kit is supplied as standard or as an option.

ULP Port Versions


MTZ1 Drawout

MTZ2/3 Drawout




Use the ULP port and its corresponding wiring kit to:

  • Interconnect the Micrologic X control unit with EIFE, IFE and IO modules.

  • Supply power to the control unit and the EIFE module.

  • Integrate the ULP bus line termination.


  • Possible connection of an IO module on the RJ45 ULP connector.

  • When the ULP port is installed the 24 Vdc power supply shall be disconnected from the terminals F1/F2 of the control unit.

  • The connection of the +/- of the power supply either on terminals F1/F2 of Micrologic X control unit or on the +/- terminals of the ULP port must be strictly respected. Crossing the polarities may damage the device.

  • For every Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker the 24 Vdc supply of all the associated interface modules (ULP port, IFE, IFM, IO) must be delivered from the same 24 Vdc power supply.

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