Masterpact MTZ Services Overview

Schneider Electric services provide life cycle support for all installations with Masterpact MTZ devices.

Electrical distribution equipment lies at the heart of the Industry business, powering the machines and key processes. Circuit breakers with associated protection relays and trip units help maintain continuity of power and protect cables. When there is a problem, the businesses must respond immediately.

Implementing an effective services strategy for electrical distribution installations is crucial for business. Schneider Electric services help:

  • Reduce unscheduled downtimes.

  • Increase reliability.

  • Improve equipment.

Experienced engineers and qualified field service representatives are committed to provide innovative solutions, best-in-class customer service, and advanced technical support.

Schneider Electric Field Services helps a business manage its electrical distribution equipment all along its life cycle.

Life Cycle Services

Use Masterpact MTZ associated services when purchasing the circuit breaker

  • Assistance with start-up and commissioning

  • Warranty extension

  • E-learning

Secure the installation with Schneider Electric Life Cycle services

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • On site condition maintenance with Schneider Electric ProDiag diagnostics solutions

  • ECOFIT™ modernization

Manage and maintain the installation using digital services: permanent data monitoring of your equipment

  • Condition-based maintenance

  • Asset management

  • Energy efficiency and power quality

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