Masterpact MTZ Digital Services

Asset Condition Monitoring with Masterpact MTZ Devices

Asset condition monitoring optimizes maintenance costs and reduces the risk of unscheduled downtime. It offers maintenance analysis and recommendations based on data and events available through Micrologic and optional digital modules (see Overview of Micrologic X Control Unit).

These recommendations are delivered in a Service Request format with actionable maintenance information: which asset? what to perform? relevant skills/ tools/spare parts to perform to perform appropriate maintenance with timeframe..

Once the Masterpact MTZ is connected, Schneider Electric continously retrieves data from equipment in order to analyze the health status of the circuit breaker and provide recommendations for scheduling maintenance tasks.

Privileged access to Schneider Electric remote technical support is also available.

Integration of service requests into the IT landscape (BMS-Building management System, EAM-Enterprise Asset management, maintenance software...) is also available as an optional feature.

Asset condition monitoring can be included in Schneider Electric Service plans.

Asset and Alarm Management with Masterpact MTZ Devices

Asset Management

With enhanced data measurements as well as events/alarms functions embedded into the device, Masterpact MTZ, with a native communication function is a relevant, attribute to leverage an asset management solution.

Alarm Management

Schneider Electric helps improve facility operation management through early detection, notification and actions of any event on a Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers and associated Micrologic X control unit.

Experts are available to provide remote and on-site maintenance actions (preventive and corrective).

With alarm management services, Schneider Electric is permanently, remotely, and securely connected to analyze data, events and alarms coming from equipment.

Alarm management can be included in Schneider Electric Advantage Service plans.

Energy Efficiency and Power Quality Management

Masterpact MTZ embeds specific measurements related to Energy Efficiency & Power Quality Management.

Specific Services are offered to optimize energy costs, asset utilization and facility operations:

  • Detection of abnormal consumptions and parameters.

  • Event management and performance follow-up.

  • Expert analysis and recommendations through monthly reporting.

  • Benchmarking when multiple sites are managed.

Schneider Electric's expertise provides practical data and recommendations through periodic reporting that empowers you to take the right actions.

Energy Efficiency & Power Quality management can be included in Schneider Electric Service plans.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert

EcoStruxure Facility Expert optimizes operations and maintenance, maintains business continuity, and provides insight to service providers or facility managers.

Providing real-time collaborative technology on mobile devices or PCs, EcoStruxure Facility Expert is made for site managers and on-field technicians connected to buildings and equipment and involves very simple information sharing between all users.

Register and view the asset’s status

QR code ready, Schneider Electric devices are already configured to communicate with EcoStruxure Facility Expert in a simple way and enable automatic download of ID, technical documentation and maintenance plan.

Located on the map, visualize all assets in real time, navigate and filter by area or status.

Improve Maintenance and Operations

Providing relevant information on critical assets, sending instant and documented alarms EcoStruxure Facility Expert allows users to diagnose remotely in case of issues and manage maintenance efficiently.

  • Instant alarms on threshold and status change.

  • Maintenance plan, asset log history, asset doc repository.

  • Real-time assets status and map localization.

  • Task manager and task reminder.

  • One click to edit intervention and activity reports including voice memos, notes, photos and measurements.

  • Remain connected, comment, share information, and get support in the field from colleagues or experts if needed.

Schneider Electric local partners are trained and certified to sell, install, and commission EcoStruxure Facility Expert. They can also operate the solution if the site manager wants to delegate the task.

Download the free version of EcoStruxure Facility Expert

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