Smart System FDM128 Display Unit

Micrologic X control units measurement capabilities come into full play with the FDM128 display unit. It connects to Ethernet communication via RJ45 port and displays Micrologic X control unit information.

FDM128 display.

General view

Role base access control

Editing devices

General setting

FDM128 Display

The FDM128 is an intelligent Ethernet touch screen. It collects the data from devices via the Ethernet network. It is designed to manage up to eight devices such as:

  • Masterpact MTZ1,MTZ2, MTZ3, NT, and NW circuit breakers

  • PowerPact P- and R-frame circuit breakers

  • PowerPact H-, J-, and L-frame circuit breakers

The FDM128 switchboard display unit can be connected to a Micrologic X control unit via an IFE or an EIFE interface module. It is easy to use and requires no special software or programming.

The FDM128 has a large screen which requires little depth for mounting or installation. The anti-glare graphic screen has a backlight for easy reading even under poor ambient lighting and at sharp angles.

Display of Micrologic X Measurements and Trips

The FDM128 is intended to display the Micrologic X control unit measurements, trips and operating information.

  • The FDM128 cannot be used to modify the protection settings.

  • Measurements are easily accessed via a menu.

  • Trips are automatically displayed.

  • A pop-up window displays the time-stamped description of the trip.

Status Indications

When the circuit breaker is equipped with the Command Module, the FDM128 display can also be used to view circuit breaker status conditions:

  • ON/OFF (OF)

  • Spring loaded (CH)

  • Overcurrent trip indication (overload, short circuit, ground fault) (SDE)

  • Cradle management with EIFE (CE, CD, CT)

Remote Control

When the circuit breaker is equipped with communicating XF, MX, or MN devices, the FDM128 display can also be used to control the circuit breaker (initiation of open/close commands).

Main Characteristics

  • 115.2 x 86.4 mm (4.54 x 3.50 in.) with 5.7" QVGA display 320 x 240 pixels

  • Color TFT LCD, LED backlight

  • Wide viewing angle: vertical ± 80°, horizontal ± 70°

  • High resolution: excellent reading of graphic symbols

  • Operating temperature range -10°C to +55°C (-14°F to +131°F)

  • CE / UL / CSA marking

  • 24 Vdc power supply

  • Consumption ≤ 6.8 W

  • One RJ45 Ethernet jack

Mounting and Protection

  • The FDM128 is easily installed in electrical equipment.

  • Standard door hole Ø 22 mm (0.87 in.).

  • The FDM128 degree of protection is IP65.

Quick View


Alarm History



FDM128 Main Menu

General view
Provides in one shot the information about the status of each monitored device

Role base access control
Allows management of logins and passwords.

Editing devices
Allows specification of the devices monitored by the FDM128.

Communication setting
Allows setting of the communication parameters.

General setting
Allows selection of the language and setting of the other parameters of FDM128

FDM128 Display Unit Sub Menus

Quick view

Provides access to five screens that display a summary of essential operating information (I, U, f, P, E, THD, circuit breaker On/off), and protection settings.


Displays all measurements (I, U, V, f, P, Q, S, E, THD, PF) with the corresponding min/max values.

Alarms history

Displays tripping and alarms histories.


Displays the status of the devices (Open/Closed) and allows initiation of control commands (Open/Close/Reset)


Displays all circuit breaker condition indications and all the information generated by the diagnostic functions (number of operations, contact wear, operating time, internal temperature etc.)

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