Load Center EZ Selector - Selection Assistance

QO™ and Homeline™ Load Center EZ Selector - Selection Assistance

QO Load Center

EZ Selector

Steps to select a load center.

  1. Select product type:

    • Homeline™ 1 inch format (HOM)

    • QO™ 3/4 inch format with plug-on neutral (QO) (P)

    • QO™ 3/4 inch format (QO)

  2. Select enclosure type: indoor or outdoor (RB = rainproof)

  3. Select single phase (1) or three phase (3)

  4. Select type of main:

    • Main circuit Breaker (M)

    • Main lugs (L)

    • Generator panel (GP)

  5. Select main ampacity rating

  6. Select pole spaces and max. number of 1-pole, single-phase circuits

  7. Select cover style:

    • Surface (box mounted on surface)

    • Surface (box mounted on surface, hinged cover included)

    • Flush (box recessed, cover is flush to wall)

  8. Value pack (VP)

  9. Select ground bar option:

    • Ground bar factory installed (T)

    • Ground bar included, field installation (G)

  10. Select special application:

    • Riser panel with gutter

    • Mfg housing, single phase 3-wire, convertible mains

    • Manufactured housing, single phase, 3-wire

    • Manufactured housing, single phase, 2-wire

    QO™ and Homeline™ Load Centers — Catalog Number Description

    Additional Information

    • See Circuits [1].

    • Search our technical FAQs page: https://www.se.com/us/en/faqs/home/

    • Refer to catalog 1100CT0501.


    1. QO Plug-on neutral load center catalog numbers indicate the number of spaces only. The tables in this document containing QO plug-on neutral load centers list the maximum number of single-pole circuits when using tandem breakers.

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