Add Conditions to trigger the Automation

At least one Condition is required to trigger an Automation.
NOTE: For this example, a Condition will be set to trigger the Automation when the temperature changes and the thermostat (installed externally) is detecting the temperature change.
  1. (See A) Tap Add Condition.
  2. (See B) Tap When device status changes.
  3. (See C) Select the Thermostat.

  4. (See D) Tap the Current Temperature function.
  5. (See E) Set the temperature condition.
  6. (See F) The thermostat is displayed in the Condition section of the Automation page.
  7. (See G) For Automations with more than one condition, set whether the Automation should be triggered when any condition is met, or only when all conditions are met.
    You have a choice to trigger the automation when any or all conditions are met. However, in this case, the automation is triggered when all the conditions are met.
    TIP: In case you want to delete a created condition, then, swipe the condition to left and tap the Delete option.
  8. If you want to limit to when this automation occurs, for ex, between 6-7pm when arriving from work, then tap Effective Period field in the app and set a time interval.
  9. (See H) Tap Save.

The finished Automation (I) is displayed on the page under the Automation tab.

Tap the Enable switch (J) on the Automation button to enable/disable the Automation. Tap the Edit (...) icon (K) to change the Automation settings.

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